Kwik Sew 3998: Lemonlicious Girl’s Swimsuit

Lemonlicious Curtsey

It’s been a full month since I last posted. While it may have looked as though I got wore out by suit-making, the suit had nothing to do with it. What really happened is that I got sick, really sick. For something that is a fairly common health problem treated by a fairly routine surgery, it certainly caused a lot of drama. It’s nice to feel like things are returning to normal now.

Of course, while I was sick, there was no sewing. There was a lot of knitting, but no blocking, so I have a pile of that to do at some point. I’m not feeling in a huge hurry to get to it since the weather has been so warm. No kid wants to model a fuzzy wool sweater when it’s 90 degrees outside, but hopefully they’ll be happy to have them in mid-December. I digress. This post is supposed to be about something much more weather-appropriate.

Lemonlicious Front 4

About as soon as I was recovered from my surgery, I started hearing complaints from Guinevere that she had nothing but her usual play clothes to wear for splashing in sprinklers or going swimming. That had to be remedied post-haste. She had already got pouty when she realized that someone had the same fabric that we did for her swimsuit, and they had their swimsuit finished already.

I’d been planning this suit for a while, carefully considering my options for patterns. I knew I wanted a one-piece, preferably with a skirt. Kwik Sew 3998 seemed to be the best candidate, but I had some reservations about using it. I’ve read some general comments about newer Kwik Sew patterns not being as nice to work with sizing-wise as the older ones, and there were no reviews on pattern review for me to look at for this pattern. I took the chance, carefully measuring the flat pattern to determine which size to use (I went with XS), and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out; cute, age-appropriate, modest.

Lemonlicious Front 2

Apparently it also feels like a ballet leotard since most of the poses she was coming up with were ballet-inspired (or maybe it’s because she had just finished ballet class when we took these)

Lemonlicious Swimsuit Fabric



The fabric is really cute, but difficult to photograph.

Both the print and the contrast fabrics are from The Fabric Fairy. I lined the fronts with white swimsuit lining, but left the backs without. The red is, of course, much more opaque than the print with the white-background.






Lemonlicious Side back


My sewing queue (and the ideas in my brain) are full to overflowing. It’s nice to be getting some of these projects done. Somewhere in there is a swimsuit for me…eventually.

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4 thoughts on “Kwik Sew 3998: Lemonlicious Girl’s Swimsuit

  1. Carolyn

    Oh, I’m so sorry you have been ill, but very glad to hear you are feeling better now. Your daughter’s swimsuit is so pretty! and the print is divine.

  2. AnnetteB

    I’m glad you feel good enough to sew. Sewing is always soothing to me! She looks so cute in this suit and it worked so well on the Slip ‘n Slide!


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