Banana Anna

Banana Anna 4


What to say about this dress? Obviously it’s just a little bit over the top (understatement?) but still gloriously wearable in my estimation.

Banana Anna


I tried to tone it down with serious shoes, but this dress just wants to dance. I mean that literally. Pete and I just started taking Salsa lessons, and that’s where we headed right after he took these pictures.

As you may have noticed, this is the By Hand London Anna Dress. It won’t be my last version of this pattern. This dress was easy-peasy to get made up and fun to wear. The only thing I really did differently from the pattern instructions was to do a lapped zipper in the back instead of putting in an invisible one. This was a choice based mainly on happening to have a regular zipper in the right color in my stash.

Banana Anna 3


The cotton-y fabric is out of my stash. The part of my stash that was given to me out of someone else’s stash. The same stash where I got the fabric for this dress and this dress. It’s just been waiting for the perfect pattern to pair it with. This fabric is perhaps one of the best fruit themed prints I think I’ve ever seen. In addition to bananas, I also see pineapples, cherries, grapes, oranges, watermelons, and something that might be a guava.

Banana Anna 2


Stashbusting stats: 20/25

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16 thoughts on “Banana Anna

    1. Cari Homemaker Post author

      Thanks and good question. I started with the US size 18 shoulders/neck/bust, then tapered out to the US size 20 for the waist/hips. When I say this dress was easy-peasy, I’m not kidding. The sizing was pretty no-fuss for me.

  1. gmariesews

    OMGoodness! What a fabulous dress. This pattern is on my table and this might just make it jump to the top, who needs another LS-hack? Fantastic – and you look amazing!!



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